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Hey there. My name is Matthew Rowlings.

I have an Associates Degree in Biology from the University of Florida and am also an Active Florida Master Gardener. I am located in Central Florida (Zone 10A) and have 7+ years of experience with growing, propagating, and grafting 20+ types of tropical fruit trees & tropical ornamental trees on my 0.15 acre suburban lot (scroll down to see everything I’m growing).

I created Tropical Tree Guide to be a resource for tree enthusiasts, homeowners and nurseries alike. My goal with this site is to provide you with realistic, proven & actionable information in order to successfully grow a variety of tropical trees.

The information on this website is derived from my first-hand experience, discussions with fellow growers, peer-reviewed research, and interviews that I have conducted with some of the world’s leading tropical tree experts including but not limited to:

  • Alex Salazar – Owner & Operator of Tropical Acres Farms
  • Patrick Garvey – Owner & Operator of Grimal Grove
  • Tom Siddons – Owner & Operator of Sleepy Lizard Avocado Farm
  • Mike McLaughlin – Founder of the Trees That Feed Foundation
  • Russell Fielding, PhD – Associate Professor at Coastal Carolina University
  • Jonathan Crane, PhD – Associate Center Director, Professor, and Tropical Fruit Crop Specialist at the University of Florida

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Tropical Tree Guide is reader-supported. If you have found any value in the grow guides on Tropical Tree Guide and would like to help cover the website’s technical expenses like server hosting and domain fees, feel free to support me in any way you can.

That said, a free & easy way to support Tropical Tree Guide is telling others about the website. At the end of the day, I have 0 control over how Tropical Tree Guide appears in Google. So just spreading the word that this resource exists would be extremely helpful! 😊

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