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A Glenn Mango with an Orange & Red Blush
Image Credit: Clark Family Orchards

Glenn Mango is one of the most widely recommended mango cultivars for those who are new to growing mangos.

This is because Glenn Mango consistently produces sizable crops every year, is easy to keep small, and has a very good mango flavor.

So if you don’t want to worry about not getting mangos from year to year and aren’t too picky in regards to the taste (just looking for a good classic mango flavor), then Glenn is definitely one to consider adding to your yard.

With that being said, this grow guide will cover everything that you need to know about Glenn Mango.

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Glenn Mango Tree Growth Habit & Fruit Production

The Glenn Mango is considered a medium-sized mango tree.

Glenn Mango Trees have a moderately vigorous & upright growth habit that produces a dense and compact canopy. As a result, Glenn can realistically be kept between 10 – 15 feet tall with annual pruning. With that being said, Glenn would not do well long-term in containers and would not be considered a “condo” mango.

A Glenn Mango Tree in a Pot
Image Credit: D’s Fruit Trees

Despite being a medium-sized tree, it is very easy to keep Glenn at a reasonable height and width.

Glenn’s fruit production consistently ranges from good to heavy without much difficulty whatsoever. In fact, the only “problem” with Glenn is that it produces so much fruit that you’ll have a lot of fruit to eat/freeze/give away. Although, that’s a pretty good problem to have 😉

The mangos themselves are small to medium-sized fruits that typically weigh between 0.5 – 1.5 lbs.

A Glenn Mango Tree in a Pot
Image Credit: D’s Fruit Trees

Glenn Mango Flavor Profile

Glenn Mangos are considered a Classic Flavored Mango.

Glenn is a beautiful mango that can develop a pastel red/orange blush on the shoulders of the fruit against a backdrop of bright yellow skin. The combination of these colors, along with the overall oval/oblong shape of the fruit, gives Glenn an appearance that is very similar to Cogshall Mango.

A Mature and Ripe Glenn Mango
Image Credit: Sulcata Grove

Furthermore, Glenn also has a pleasant, though not overpowering, sweet and fruity aroma.

The fruit’s deep yellow flesh is fiberless with a texture that falls somewhere between firm and melting. This ‘middle of the road’ texture makes Glenn a perfect candidate for both eating out of hand and for recipes that call for mangos, such as mango salsa.

From a flavor perspective, Glenn Mango has a very clean and classic mango flavor. In addition to the basic mango flavor, depending on its growing conditions, the fruit can also contain hints of peach in each bite. While the peach flavor is not quite as intense as what one would expect from Peach Cobbler Mango or Juicy Peach Mango, it is still very delicious in its own right.

In addition to the peach notes, my wife and I have even had Glenns containing other fruity aftertastes, such as coconut and sweet cantaloupe (though not as strong as the cantaloupe flavors in Dupuis Saigon). Because of their slightly fruity flavor and medium sweetness, Glenns are one of my favorite mangos to pair with breakfast.

Overall, Glenn’s flavor will be most appreciated by those who are looking for that classic mango flavor with a mild (containing no resin), refreshing, and clean taste.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Glenn Mangos produce monoembryonic seeds, which means that planting a seed from a Glenn Mango won’t yield another Glenn Mango Tree.

Glenn Mango Season (And When To Pick)

Glenn Mangos are considered a mid-season mango (June – July).

With that being said, the best time to pick Glenn Mangos are when they are mature and beginning to ripen on the tree. From a color perspective, this is when the fruit is beginning to show signs of yellow color break (mostly towards the middle and bottom of the fruit). Glenn is perfectly ripe when the majority of the fruit transitions to a bright yellow color.

Three Mature and Ripe Glenn Mangos
Image Credit: Sulcata Grove

Keep in mind that Glenn Mangos tend to ripen quickly and may drop from the tree soon after reaching the yellow color break stage. So be prepared to harvest them promptly 🙂

Glenn can also develop a pinkish-red blush on the top of the fruit. However, it’s important to remember that the red blush on the top of the mango has nothing to do with the fruit’s ripeness. In fact, the amount of red blush that a fruit will have is dependent on the fruit’s exposure to the sun. More Sun = More Red, Less Sun = Less Red.

A Glenn Mango with an Orange & Red Blush
Image Credit: Clark Family Orchards

Additionally, the red blush can cover between 25% – 75% of the fruit’s surface when exposed to a lot of sun while those that are more in the canopy’s interior can remain completely yellow.

However, color is only one factor when determining whether a Glenn is mature and ready to pick.

With that being said, here are some additional tips to knowing when a Glenn Mango is ready to pick:

  • Is the fruit beginning to soften?
  • How does the stem look? It’s it drying up near where it connects to the fruit?
  • Are there beads of sap present on the fruit?
  • Is the fruit’s skin beginning to stretch?

Glenn Mangos are perfectly fine to leave on the tree to fully ripen; however, doing so also increases the chances of both four-legged and two-legged thieves helping themselves 🙂

Glenn Mango Disease Resistance

Glenn Mangos are moderately resistant to Anthracnose and Bacterial Black Spot. As a result, Glenn would be an excellent addition to yards with less than ideal conditions, such as higher humidity levels and low winds.

A Mature & Green Glenn Mango
Image Credit: Mama Mango

Glenn Mango History

Glenn Mango was named after Roscoe Glenn, who planted the first Glenn Mango Tree in Miami, Florida in the 1940’s.

Glenn is a seedling of Saigon Mango. Glenn’s pollinating parent is believed to be Haden Mango.

Glenn is also a sibling to Cogshall, Edward, Valencia Pride, Spirit of 76, Kent, Bailey’s Marvel, Florigon, Cushman, and Van Dyke.

Glenn Mango Tree For Sale

Glenn is a very common mango cultivar. When visiting my local nurseries, I always see Glenn for sale! Its popularity stems from its long-established reputation as an excellent choice for those starting with mango trees.

With that being said, if you are unable to find one at a local nursery, your next best option is checking out Tropical Acres Farms (not sponsored). They are the only legit place online (from my experience) that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. 

They have over 300 varieties of mangos available. You can either order budwood to graft yourself or submit a grafting request to have a grafted tree created for you. They do ship!


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