Orchard Planner

Graphic showing the Tropical Tree Guide Orchard Planner

Have you ever thought about starting a backyard orchard but didn’t know where to begin?

Perhaps in the past, you’ve walked into a nursery and instantly felt overwhelmed by how many different varieties of mango and avocado there really are. You might have then asked yourself something like:

Carrie Mango? Pickering Mango? Florida Hass Avocado? Super Hass Avocado? How do I make sure that I’m choosing a GOOD one?!

The truth is you’re not alone.

When I started growing tropical fruit 7+ years ago, I didn’t know anything. And the last thing I wanted to do was waste my limited time and money on buying a bunch of mango and avocado trees that:

  1. Produced fruit that may not taste good to me AND
  2. Turn into a huge tree that wouldn’t fit in my smaller yard

So, I started Tropical Tree Guide and began profiling as many fruit tree cultivars as possible. And while there are a lot of great insights in those individual grow guides, I knew I could make things even simpler.

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Enter the Backyard Orchard Planner: an interactive tool that I coded and built myself, powered by data I’ve collected over the years. The purpose of this tool is simple:

Make planning tropical fruit orchard as simple as possible.

So, whether you are just getting started or have been growing tropical trees for a while, I hope that the Backyard Orchard Planner can streamline your planning process. This way, you can spend less time figuring everything out and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor (literally).

And if you still have questions, feel free to shoot me an email! I reply to each and every email (sometimes it might just take a few days).

However, if you prefer chatting over the phone instead, I do offer consulting services in order to provide customized growing recommendations for your specific situation (all proceeds go directly back into Tropical Tree Guide to support content/tools like this).

Without further adieu, I present the Backyard Orchard Planner (can only be viewed on a computer desktop):

Tool Notes

  • For specific instructions on how to use the Backyard Orchard Planner, hover over the information icon on the right hand side of the tool.
  • As of today:
    • Orchard Planner only contains mango and avocado data that I have written about. As I continue to write more dedicated grow guides, I will update the Backyard Orchard Planner with the latest and greatest data (such as avocado tree size, etc.)
    • The season/harvest dates in the Backyard Orchard Planner are only applicable to Florida (I am planning to eventually add California harvest dates). All other information in the Backyard Orchard Planner can be used regardless of location.